Brie Primer

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One of the world's greatest and most popular cheeses, Brie, is characterized by its white velvety exterior and cream-colored, buttery-soft interior. When you encounter a perfectly ripened, quality Brie, nothing is finer, more sublime or creamy. In fact, at one point in its long history, Brie was named the King of Cheeses.

Selecting Brie

Once a luxury item, Brie is now readily available, yet not all Brie is created equal! What we look for when choosing Brie to offer in our stores is that it is made with high-quality milk. We source the best so that we can bring the best to you.

Brie is classified as a "bloomy rind, soft-ripened cheese," which indicates that it ripens from the rind inward, forming a thin white skin with that velvety "bloom." When perfectly ripe, it should be creamy and flavorful, not runny or pungent. It should bulge slightly when cut but not collapse or pull away from the rind. Overripe Brie has an ammoniac aroma and bitter flavor; underripe Brie has a chalky interior and virtually no flavor.

Types of Brie

At our cheese counter, you will notice that there are many different styles of Brie. Beyond the perfect "plain and simple", you may want to try one infused with herbs, fruit or mushrooms. There are even blue and goat's milk varieties!

And if you like the taste of brie, you might consider a trying a wheel of Camembert. It has a similar texture, but with a more mushroom-like, herbacious flavor.

Serving Brie

A wheel of Brie is a quintessential party food due to its unmatched flavor, impressive appearance and elegant reputation, but you will enjoy it all the more if you take the chill off. Be sure to remove the cheese from the refrigerator approximately 30–45 minutes before serving to experience its full flavor and rich texture.

Though Brie is pure heaven on its own or as part of a cheese course, it takes on an equally delightful character when heated. Try it inside a grilled sandwich, barely melted on baguette rounds or wrapped in puff pastry and flavor intended to complement its sweet, creamy interior.