Feta Cheese 101: Types, Recipes and More

Pick the perfect feta with our buying guide, plus check out crave-worthy recipes that make the most of this crumbly, tangy cheese.

assortment of dishes with feta cheese: baked feta, strawberry feta salad, lamb and feta skewers

Feta cheese — what’s not to love about it? This crumbly, creamy cheese adds bright punchy flavor to a variety of dishes, whether it’s sprinkled over a spinach and strawberry salad or baked in marinara sauce until golden-brown and crispy. However, there’s much more to feta than meets the eye, and our Cheese department offers several different varieties. Use our guide to pick the perfect feta for your next gathering.

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What Is Feta Cheese?

Feta is a brined cheese that typically has a sharp, savory flavor and a creamy, crumbly texture. The exact flavor and texture of the cheese can depend on several factors, including the type of milk used, the country of origin and the brine time:

  • Milk: Feta can be made from a variety of animal milks including sheep, goat and cow.

  • Origin: While PDO feta is produced in Greece, various styles are also made in other countries such as France, the United States and Australia.

  • Brine time: The longer feta cheese sits in brine, the saltier and tangier the flavor.

Feta PDO: What It Means

Certain fetas can obtain the label PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) opens in a new tab, which can be used only if the cheese is produced in a specific geographic area of Greece. PDO feta must contain sheep milk or a mixture of sheep and up to 30% goat’s milk. Look for the PDO seal on feta from Greece in our Cheese department.

Must-Have Feta Cheeses in Our Stores

When you’re ready to stock up on feta cheese, visit our Cheese department for a wide variety of options for every preference and occasion. Here are some of our favorite picks to help you plan your grocery list:

Need help? Just ask one of our Certified Cheese Professionals opens in a new tab (we have 350+ across our stores). They’re happy to answer any questions about your feta selections or point you toward their favorite picks.

Our Favorite Ways to Enjoy Feta

Feta cheese adds brightness and zing to so many dishes, from salads to dips to stuffed veggies. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy it:

Visit our Cheese department for more information about our cheese selection, Certified Cheese Professional services and more.

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