5 Things to Know When Shopping Our Roses

Our roses make the perfect gift for someone special (or yourself!). Get our top buying tips here.

No matter what the occasion — be it a birthday, holiday, apology or simply to show affection to a friend or loved one — roses are always a good idea. And since our stores offer many varieties of the elegant blooms, we know a thing or two about these iconic flowers. Read on to learn what you should consider when you’re picking up a bouquet of roses from your Whole Foods Market store. And maybe buy an extra one for yourself … because #selflove.

Exclusively for Prime members in select ZIP codes.

Our roses aren’t just any roses.

With our Sourced for Good roses we forge strong relationships with the farms that grow these roses — including new varieties — because these beautiful flowers are a real win-win. Not only does our Sourced for Good program highlight our commitment to better wages and working conditions for growers and environmental stewardship, but for those suppliers who have a community development fund, every portion of every sale goes to the workers themselves who get to decide how to use those funds. So when you’re gifting Sourced for Good roses, you’re also giving back and making them an extra-thoughtful gift.

We have the perfect color for you.

Whole Foods Market stores typically carry roses in a variety of colors: red, pink, orange, white, yellow and lavender. This makes it easy to pick the perfect color for your occasion, whether it’s a special date night, birthday or graduation party. Be sure to call your local store to confirm color availability before visiting or placing an order.

Our flowers get the VIP treatment.

Rest assured, our team members treat every flower with the same care given to our produce and other food products in our store. They’re here to ensure that the flowers you choose look fresh, smell great and will bring a smile to their recipient’s face.

Our team members are happy to help.

Team members from our Floral department can answer your questions, wrap your flowers for free or create a custom arrangement for an additional fee.

Get roses delivered with Prime on Amazon.

Sometimes life gets the best of you and face time at a store is just not possible (especially when you consider battling traffic and factor in the after-work rush). Luckily, Prime members can order roses from Whole Foods Market on Amazon.com and get free 2-hour delivery.* It’s as easy as one, two, three (literally):

  1. Shop Whole Foods Market on Amazon and select the roses available in your store. (Add any other groceries or essentials to your cart, too!)

  2. Choose the delivery window that works for you.

  3. Watch your order appear exactly when and where you need it, without leaving your home or office.

*Available in select ZIP codes.

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