Easter Wines Sampling

Meet the Maker: Absolute Green

Earth Month Inspired: Biodynamic Wine Sampling

This is my time to… Learn about the Bulk Section

Shop in the Bulk section:  Ingredients are super fresh, there’s less wasteful packaging involved, and you save money. Join us for a tasting featuring a bulk recipe and tips for cooking with your bulk purchases, too.

Game Grub Grill Out

Get in the game this weekend with the Meat Team's delicious Cowboy Sausage on a stick and Brats on a bun combo. For $5 you get a soda, a bags of chips and your choice of meat. It's a slam dunk deal, but for two days only.

Trivia Tuesdays – Earth Month Questions

Stop in our store for lunch and Trivia Tuesday. We’ll be asking questions about our green cleaning products, and if you answer correctly, you’ll win some great green products from our store! Look for our Trivia Tuesday event in the café!

Picked for Spring – Fresh and Easy Meal Ideas

Are you looking for some great tasting fast and easy meals that have a fresh spring flare? Stop by and taste some of our favorite fresh spring meals that will surly make your meal planning easy for spring. You won’t be disappointed!

Cheese Nights

Have you ever wondered which cheese goes best on a cheese platter for your social gatherings? We would love to give you the tools to put together a cheese board that will make all your guests happy. Be sure to stop in for our Cheese Nights event to meet our cheese mongers and learn the tricks to putting together that perfect cheese board...ohh and there will be cheese samples too!

Nice Rice, Sweet Treats

Don’t miss the Bakery team's lunchtime goodies, featuring their delicious rice treats in three delicious flavors:  chocolate, peanut butter and traditional. Get a sample and buy all three flavors!


Local Tasting Event

One of the best ways to give back this Earth Day and do your part for our planet? Buying local! Meet some of our favorite local vendors-- all "from around here"-- which means that their products are all produced within 100 mile radius as the crow flies from our store. We'll have everything from coffee to meat substitutes to tomato sauce for your sampling pleasure. Say hello to some of our neighbors with products on our shelves!


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