Cheese Nights- Taste and Learn

Savor the complex flavors of raw-milk cheeses and learn what makes them unique. Join our cheesemongers in our Specialty Department as they discuss the different varieties, what pairs well with each and how to recognize and purchase quality raw-milk cheeses.


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Demonstration Class: Open to all ages

Come eat and learn! Superfoods are nutrient dense foods that heal the body, bring the body back into balance, lower inflammation, and aid is fat loss

All recipes are dairy and gluten-free

Springtime Vegetable Celebration with Emily Webber

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Demonstration Class: Open to all ages.

Spring is here and it’s time to celebrate the abundance of fresh seasonal produce.  We all know we need to enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut.  With this creative low-fat, whole foods, purely-plant-based menu, you’re sure to be inspired.

Juicing For Health! With Pamela Spencer, Nutritionist

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Knowledge, Demonstration and Taste Testing Class – Open to All Ages

Belle Chevre Anniversary Tour

Be a part of Belle's Big Adventure!  Join us for Belle Chevre's Anniversary Tour where you will get to taste delicious goat cheese, play games on the patio and meet a baby goat named Valentine!  Great for kids of all ages!

Meet the Maker: Genesis Today Supplements

Stop in to Meet the Makers of Genesis Today, an Austin-based company specializing in supplements and superfood juices. 

Optimize your health this weekend with:

·         Giveaways

·        Smoothies samples and Recipe Ideas

·         Superfood shots 


 Saturday at 1pm, nationally renowned nutrition and fitness expert Kim Coventry Olsen will be on hand to answer all your burning questions!

Wellness Class: Balancing Blood Sugar For Better Health and Weight Loss! With Pamela Spencer, Nutritionist

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Lecture and Knowledge Class; Open to all ages.

Do you suffer from high or low blood sugar? Are you Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, or Metabolic Syndrome? Does your energy fluctuate during the day? Are you weight loss resistant? Does hunger come on suddenly leaving you making poor food choices? Does brain fog sound familiar? 

“Latin ‘Plant Fusion’ With Kirk Hamilton PA-C

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Demonstration Class: Open to all ages

Earth Day

Join us at the store today as we celebrate the Earth! Learn ways you can make a difference in your home by the choices you make!


Hippity hoppity, Easter’s on its way!  We have everything you need to make your Easter a hit!  Join us today as we sample all of your Easter favorites.


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