Cooking Science: Fat, the Good and the Bad

Good fats, bat fats, no fats… you’ve heard the reasoning for all of them. But what’s best for cooking? Coach Alex will compare the different options for cooking oils and discuss which oils wok best for different cooking techniques. Learn about the health benefits and how fats aid in the absorption of nutrients. Alex will even offer great suggestions for using whole food fats and fat replacers in baking.

Vegan Vittles: Comfort Foods

In weather like this, everyone needs a little warming up! Coach Alex is making carrot and yellow split pea soup with fresh mint and a green leafy vegetable sauté with dried fruits and nuts that will fill you up and win you over.

Cooking Science: Water, Water Everywhere

Water is the foundation for creating stocks from scratch. These stocks impart flavors in everything from soups to meats, vegetables to grains. Coach Alex will show you the proper techniques for making your own stock as well as steaming veggies and grains for the best results.

Vegan Vittles: Tacos

Coach Alex is taking us South of the Boarder! Discover how to make collard and cabbage black bean tacos and homemade guacamole and salsa.

Cooking Science: Aphrodisiacs

Spice up your Valentine’s Day with tips from Cooking Coach Alex on how to seduce your partner with enticing flavors.

Vegan Vittles: My Vegan Valentine

Cooking Coach Alex is creating incredible vegan dishes that will wow even the staunchest of meat eaters! This week it’s all about impressing your sweetheart. Learn how to make a strawberry beet salad and dark chocolate covered orange slices that will ignite your Valentine’s passion!

Cooking Science: Salt and the Power of Brining

Ever wonder why almost every recipe calls for salt? Or how a salt brine can make your meat so tender? Cooking Coach Alex kicks off her weekly Cooking Science program with a look into the power of salt. Learn how to use salt to cure meats or make a brine, how much salt is too much, and salt’s history in food and culture. Avoiding salt? Alex will also cover creating your own salt-free seasoning mixes!

Cheese Nights - Washed-Rind Cheese

Learn about Washed-Rind Cheese with our Specialty Team Leader, Joe, in the Specialty Department! Free samples included.

Fermented Foods

Join Ebeth for an introductory class on fermented foods. Please sign up by emailing her at:

Mezzanine level.

Cooking Light with Fish

Discover delicious ways to add fish to a plant powered diet that are oil free, full flavored and easy.

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