Simple Christmas Supper Menu

Simple definitely does not mean boring. This Christmas dinner menu serves up a stunning ham, a fresh twist on sweet potatoes and pie, of course. Each dish highlights the best flavor of the season’s foods. Start the party with an easy appetizer: herb-infused baked cheese. At the table, dig in to a spiral-sliced ham with sour cherry glaze, a healthy (shhh) roasted sweet potato salad, greens beans brightened with citrus and a new vegetable idea for the holidays, mashed cauliflower, a lighter take on mashed potatoes. Wrap up your holiday meal with our tart, sweet and creamy cranberry pie.

Sour Cherry Glazed Ham
Recipe Rating: 3.21763
Roasted Sweet Potato Salad
Recipe Rating: 2.96345
Citrusy Green Beans
Recipe Rating: 3.63373
Sugared Cranberry and Lemon Curd Pie
Recipe Rating: 3.07946
Recipe Rating: 2.59788
Baked Camembert with Fresh Herbs
Recipe Rating: 3.6001