Environmental Stewardship

We’re always looking for ways to do more for our planet — because we believe it’s worth it for our customers, team members and suppliers. Whether it’s diverting food waste from landfills or making our stores more energy efficient, learn how we’re promoting environmental stewardship to make our earth happier for the future.

Our Commitment to Reducing Single-Use Plastics

We were the first U.S. grocer to ban plastic grocery bags at checkout in 2008 and plastic straws in 2019. Learn about our legacy and how we’re still raising the bar.

Fighting Food Waste

Learn about our programs and partnerships that minimize food waste in our stores and nourish communities in need.

Built Environment

We’re constantly exploring innovative ways to make our stores more energy efficient, from green building to solar installations.

dirt covered hands in soil with green plant

Regenerative Agriculture

Learn about this growing movement, plus how we’re supporting farmers and ranchers dedicated to regenerative practices.

bees pollinating a yellow flower

Protecting Our Pollinators

Honeybees and pollinators are crucial to our food system. See what we’re doing to protect these populations.