Body Care

Pomegranate & Red Currant Moisture Soap - 74% Organic Ingredients

Treat your skin to pure pampering and moisture with organic palm oil, moisturizing vegetable glycerin and vitamin E. This nourishing soap meets our strict Premium Body Care Standards, which means no harsh preservatives, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates or parabens, and only naturally derived fragrances.

Dead Sea Mineral Unscented bath salt

Take a load off with Masada Genuine Dead Sea Mineral Salts, an entirely different classification of bath treatment. Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts are 100% pure Dead Sea Salt from the most southern part of the Dead Sea, where the waters mineral concentration is the highest in the world. These salts stimulate natural circulation, relax tense muscles, and draw out impurities in the skin. Available in Eucalyptus, Lily & Jasmine.

Mediterranean Fig Soy Candle

Perfectly fragrant, colorful and clean-burning, Pacifica Soy Candles are handmade with vegetable soy wax, lead-free wicks and Pacifica's signature perfume blends with essential and natural oils. Complex and sexy in Mediterranean Fig, it's a wonderfully imaginative take on classic fig. (approx. burn time: 50 hrs.)

Vitamin Code Raw D3

It's time to get your D3 on! Garden of Life D3 is the only raw, whole food vitamin D3 formulated with raw food-created nutrients. Raw food-created nutrients are cultivated with live probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes and nutrient specific peptides for targeted delivery and natural recognition of nutrients by your body. This means that your body gets what it needs, how it needs it. In addition, a portion of your purchase of this product will go to Vitamin Angels!

Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Reviving Tonic for All Curls

Lightweight, nourishing tonic formulated with moisturizing Certified Fair Trade shea butter. Blend of calming calendula extract, vitamins and conditioning aloe locks in moisture to refresh your curl pattern in the morning without re-washing. Use during the day to revive and retract expanded curls and minimize frizz.

Arnica Gel

Fast Pain Relief of Sore Muscles, Swelling, Stiffness & Bruising

Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Activating Shampoo for Curly to Kinky Hair

Certified Fair Trade, sulfate-free blend of shea butter soap and plant extracts gently cleans scalp and hair without stripping natural oils. Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil provide unrivalled moisture for maximum curl activation and retention. Comfrey leaf extract helps improve hair strength and softens coarse or extra curly hair; Arnica flower extract promotes hair growth. Natural minerals and vitamins soften hair and reduce frizz.

Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Sculpting Wax for Curly to Kinky Hair

Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter sculpting wax for curl separation, shine and texture. With virgin coconut oil for added shine. Great for waves, finger curls and flicks.

Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream for Curly to Kinky Hair

Rich, creamy emulsion of Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter, herbal extracts and plant gels hydrate and elongate your curls for soft, maximum definition. With natural vitamins for shiny, lustrous, long-lasting curls. Great for finger styling, twist and braid-outs and coiling on naturally curly to kinky hair.

Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Deep Conditioning Treatment for Curly to Kinky Hair

Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter deep conditioning treatment moisturizes and strengthens the hair shaft. Herbal extracts, natural vitamins and minerals further nourish the scalp and hair. Also works great as a detangler and conditioner for dry, damaged and tangled hair. Recommended use is once per week for most curl types.


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