Engine 2® Recipes

Rev up your engines with our collection of Engine 2 Diet recipes. Created by firefighter Rip Esselstyn, who wanted to help his fellow firefighters improve their health and lower their cholesterol, Engine2 recipes are plant-powered eating.

Many Engine2 recipes are riffs classic American dishes, from pizza to baked potatoes to burgers. Full of fresh vegetables, whole grains and other natural flavors, these vegan recipes are a great option for anyone looking to increase their plant-based recipe repertoire.

Simple swaps are key in these recipes, utilizing brown rice, dark leafy greens, nutty hummus and more in savory recipes. Delicious dessert recipes get their due, too, with the natural sweetness of bananas and dates playing a part.

Engine2 products are available on the shelves and in the freezer aisle of your local Whole Foods Market. From cereals to sauces to nondairy milks, these ingredients make the switch to healthy eating easy.

Try these recipes with our favorite healthy cookies for a sweet finish.

Engine 2 Fiesta Burgers
Recipe Rating: 3.12026
Engine 2 Kale Pesto
Recipe Rating: 3.39798
Engine 2 Baked Potatoes
Recipe Rating: 3.26105
Engine 2 Fiesta Burritos
Recipe Rating: 3.52135
Hummus Veggie Pizzas
Recipe Rating: 3.70537
Super-Healthy Sundaes
Recipe Rating: 3.6442
Hummus with Popped Crisps
Recipe Rating: 3.35883
Kale-Almond Bruschetta
Recipe Rating: 3.69623
Cocoa-Peanut Cookies
Recipe Rating: 3.50971