9 Ways to Add Plants to Your Routine

Want to add color to your plate at breakfast, lunch and dinner? Use these easy tips from Dani Little MS RD, a registered dietitian at Whole Foods Market, to eat more plants throughout the day.

Add greens wherever you can.

From spinach to kale to Swiss chard, greens can be part of every meal. Add spinach to scrambled eggs or a breakfast burrito opens in a new tab, stir kale into your favorite hot soup, tuck arugula into sandwiches and add sautéed Swiss chard to quesadillas and pasta dishes.

Upgrade your oatmeal.

Oatmeal is a blank canvas for just about anything. Try cooking your oats with milk, water or nondairy beverage made from almonds, cashews, oats or coconut. Then, top with chopped nuts, fresh fruit, nut butter and more.

Sneak plants into smoothies.

Jump-start your day with a plant-powered smoothie. Start building from your veggie drawer — veggies like beets, avocados, collards and even fresh herbs opens in a new tab are fair game. Get more plant-packed smoothie ideas here opens in a new tab.

Build a brighter sandwich.

Time to brighten your usual turkey sandwich? Tuck in whatever vegetables you have in the refrigerator, from bright bell peppers to greens. The more color, the better. Instead of mayo, try pesto or a spreadable vegan cheese.

A better-for-you snack.

Fresh fruit, nondairy yogurt alternatives and snack mixes are easy choices for afternoon snack cravings. Have fun assembling bright fruit plates and mixing and matching dried fruits and nuts until you've found the perfect trail mix combo.

Swap pasta for veggie noodles.

From zoodles to swoodles, veggie noodles are a delicious way to get an extra dose of plants. All you need is a spiralizer or a vegetable peeler. Top zucchini noodles opens in a new tab with marinara or pesto sauce, stir carrot noodles into soups or make a sweet potato noodle bowl opens in a new tab.

Dress up your eggs.

Like oatmeal, eggs are the ultimate blank canvas. If you’re making a scramble for breakfast or a frittata opens in a new tab for dinner, why not toss in a handful of veggies? Try mushrooms, spinach, zucchini, bell peppers — whatever is in your fridge.

Revamp pizza night.

You know that pizza is a perfect carrier for veggie toppings like mushrooms, bell peppers, squash, arugula and more. Take it one step further by swapping traditional flour-based pizza crust for plant-based crust like our 365 by Whole Foods Market Cauliflower Pizza Crust opens in a new tab.

Make a frozen banana treat.

Craving ice cream? Instead of picking up your favorite pint, whip up a frosty treat with frozen bananas and a nondairy milk alternative. It takes minutes to make and has a smooth and creamy texture like soft serve. Try this Banana Ice Cream opens in a new tab, then serve with grilled fruit opens in a new tab like pineapple or peaches.

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