The rich, savory taste of mushrooms elevates other flavors and evokes feelings of satisfaction—making them essential for everything from special occasions to everyday comfort food. Look to Whole Foods Market® for an amazing selection, and make 'shroom at the table for delicious new varieties!

Know Your Shrooms

White Button: mild & versatile
This common variety is uncommonly versatile. Add to salads, pizzas, omelets or Mushroom and Chard Bruschetta. Mild flavor complements other mushrooms in recipes such as Mixed Mushroom Soup.
Cremini: firm & flavorful
A lovely brown mushroom with a slightly earthy flavor that mixes well with other mushrooms. Firm flesh stands up to long cooking times in a variety of recipes, from Mushroom and Spinach Breakfast Puffs to Barley Soup with Beef and Mushrooms.
Portobello: rich & hearty
Craving comfort food? This substantial ‘shroom has a dense texture that’s great on the grill or in the oven. For a simple meatless main, roast portobello caps, and then stuff with with sautéed greens and cooked grains.
Chanterelle: nutty & delicate
Ranging from pale white to brilliant orange-yellow, this foraged favorite has a subtle apricot aroma. Its nutty flavor shines in roasted dishes such as Smoky Mushroom Gratin, but chanterelles are equally sensational sautéed and served over toasted bread.
Morel: intense & earthy
Robust, nutty flavor is this wild treasure’s trademark and it’s a standout in simple sautés and cream sauces. Rinse thoroughly to remove dirt and grit from the honeycombed cap. Morels should not be consumed raw.
Porcini: woodsy & robust
Hearty flavor and sturdy texture allow this mushroom to stand up to long cooking times. Add to pasta sauce and risotto, or Easy Herbed Mushroom-Kale Hand Pies. Remove the veil (stringy material under the cap) prior to cooking.
Oyster: mild & sweet
This smooth, delicate mushroom has a light, fruity aroma. Ideal for stir-fries, omelets and quick soups. For recipes with longer cooking times, add oyster mushrooms near the end.
Truffle: fragrant & flavorful
Round and wrinkly, with no stem, this celebrated mushroom ranges in color from dark brown to off-white. Black truffle adds distinctive flavor to eggs, rice and polenta. The milder white truffle is delicious grated over pasta.
Shiitake: savory & satisfying
When Japanese scientists began to investigate the phenomenon of umami, the shiitake was among the earliest documented sources of this savory taste sensation. The dense, chewy texture of the shiitake holds together in long-simmering liquids, which makes it excellent in risotto, ragout or Shiitake Lemongrass Miso Soup. Always remove stems before cooking.

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Prep for Mushroom Success

Refrigerate in a paper bag or container that allows cool air to circulate.

Clean with a damp cloth or rinse briefly and dry with a towel.

Use a paring knife to trim
stems as needed.

Tip: Mushrooms absorb water easily and should never be soaked.

You’ve Got Thyme for Mushrooms and Herbs

Create memorable combinations in minutes! The key is choosing the right herbs to suit your cooking method and cooking time.

Mushroom Math

1 lb of fresh mushrooms equals 6 cups chopped, 5 cups sliced or 3 oz dried

5 Minutes & No Stove

Pair: white buttons, cremini or truffles

With: parsley, chives, tarragon or cilantro

Make: fresh salads
or relishes

15 Minutes & a Stovetop

Pair: chanterelles, morels or oyster mushrooms

With: oregano, marjoram or sage

Make: sautéed mushrooms

30 Minutes & a Hot Oven

Pair: portobellos, porcinis or shiitakes

With: rosemary and thyme

Make: roasted mushrooms

More Tips for Mushroom Magic

  • Pump up the “wow” factor without inflating your budget. Combine intensely flavorful wild mushrooms with mellow, mixable button mushrooms.
  • When combining different varieties, chop or slice the mushrooms to roughly the same size to ensure that they cook evenly.
  • Preserve some of nature’s bounty by drying thinly sliced mushrooms in a dehydrator or a very low oven. Store in an airtight container with a tight-fitting lid for up to a year, and rehydrate later for use in recipes.
  • Store sautéed mushrooms in the freezer for up to one month. Keep some on hand to add to soups, gravies, sauces and pot pies.