How to Carve a Turkey: A Step-by-Step Guide

Get pro tips from our expert butcher.

Thanksgiving turkey on a platter

How many times a year do the majority of us actually carve a turkey? Probably not a whole lot. And yet somehow on The Big Day, we’re all supposed to be experts at it. Here’s where our expert, Theo Weening, comes in. He’s our Global Meat Buyer who grew up in his dad’s butcher shop and knows a thing or two about carving the bird. Follow his steps, set it up just how you want it in the kitchen and then present your platter proudly — like a pro.

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At last, time to present your carved bird! “I put breast meat slices in the middle of the tray with the drumsticks together to one side and the thigh meat together on the other,” Theo recommends. “At each end of the platter, I’ll put one wing.” Then … eat it, of course.

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