About Avalon

Whole Foods Market Avalon first opened its doors in October 2014 as one of the most technologically forward stores to date. When you visit us, feel free to explore and learn from our interactive installations around the store to connect with the local community, learn about to the farmers and the sustainable growing practices that we use.

Diverse Dining Options, A Global Experience

Here at Whole Foods Market Avalon, there is somewhere for everyone to dine from morning till night.

On the main floor, you'll smell flavors from around the world. We offer BBQ smoked in house, a Wok Station, hand-rolled Sushi from Genki, Indian street food, Mexican, brick oven cooked pizza, the Chef’s Corner, hot sandwiches and gelato!

Over at the salad bar and hot bar, you’ll find a wide selection of organic, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and paleo options made from scratch every day.

Take a seat at the bar of The Main for some brews and bites. The bar serves exceptional coffee from Allegro Coffee Company® and the craft beers on draft are in constant rotation. You’ll also find hot pressed sandwiches and sweet treats!



Child Friendly, Playgrounds and more!

Let your children explore dedicated areas and activities for them around the store! Head over to the indoor and outdoor playgrounds for interactive games and to drive the wooden tractor! Play the Wise Wood tower, a game that educates about pesticide and water use, the treatment of farm workers and waste management, and other issues surrounding the food you eat! Don’t forget to get a Kid’s Club card at customer service and pick up some fresh fruit from the cart every time you visit.

Beer Growler Station

Beer lovers should hop over visit to the Growler; which delivers the freshest craft beer to go, straight from the keg, ready to be taken home and enjoyed. Buy a growler once, and use it over and over again each time you visit. The growler's dark amber glass protects the beer from excess light and UV, which breaks down the beer's integrity. The kegs are in constant rotation, so keep up to date with our current selection with the Tap Hunter app!