Annapolis Community Donations

Whole Foods Market Annapolis is your community store, supporting dozens of local charitable organizations each year through direct donations, in-kind donations, and volunteer time.

How to Apply for Support

To apply for support from Whole Foods Market Annapolis, please click HERE to complete our online donation application.


  • Must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or authorized to fundraise on their behalf.
  • Must be an organization based in Anne Arundel County or the near surrounding region.
  • Applications must be submitted online.
  • Application must state the type of donation request (see below).
  • Due to the quantity of applications we receive, please submit your request at least 10 weeks prior to your date of need.

Types of Support


We encourage our local charitable organizations to reach out to us for support of their events and fundraising campaigns.  Although we do not give direct cash donations, we can provide food, product and gift cards. For applicants, please provide a specific list of items requested for donation on your application.


Whole Foods Market Annapolis holds a 5% Day quarterly on which 5% of total sales is donated to a local charitable organization. Our 5% days are an opportunity to not only give back to the community financially, but to also partner with an organization on a hands-on project. We love being involved with our community!  If applying for a 5% day, please include on your application suggestions of how a Whole Foods Market volunteer group of 10-15 individuals could support your organization with a specific project. Click HERE to apply for a 5% Day. In the "event" field of the application, please put "5% Day, month."  For the event description, list how you would use these funds (approx. $7K).


Whole Foods Market Annapolis supports one local nonprofit organizations quarterly through the Nickels for Nonprofits program.  This program gives shoppers with reusable bags the option to donate their nickel refund to the organization.  Each quarter, this raises several hundred dollars for the charity.  It is also a great awareness raiser as we post information about the organizations at each or our registers for the full quarter. Click HERE to apply for Nickels for Nonprofits. In the "event" field of the application, please put "Nickels for Nonprofits."  For the event description, list how this would benefit your organization.



For more information about donations, community support, or to discuss volunteer opportunities for the Whole Foods Market team, please contact Brielle Ferguson at