Community Giving

Whole Foods Market is proud to actively give back to the community through contributions of product, donations, as well as volunteer time.  We partner with local 501c3 organizations to help make a direct impact in neighborhoods and communities surrounding our Wilmington store. 

Whole Foods Market Wilmington is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations in our local community that have grand intentions coupled with small budgets. Our community giving program supports organizations that address community issues such as:

*environmental and "green" initiatives  

*hunger relief

*organic & sustainable agriculture/gardens

*animal welfare issues

*healthy eating and active living

Please note, political organizations are not eligible for donations out of respect for the wide variety of beliefs of our customers and team members.

General Product Donations

Donations from Whole Foods Market are not available in the form of cash; donations will be given in the form of product from our store. Non-profit 501c3 organizations are invited to apply for a donation in the form of fruit, snacks, gift baskets, non-alcoholic beverages, catering platters, baked goods, etc. Alcohol cannot be given as a donation in North Carolina. The average donation is in the amount of $25 - $100. Organizations must apply at least 4-6 weeks in advance of when they require the donation.  Please note it can take 6-8 weeks to process donations.

Any eligible local Wilmington area non-profit organization may apply for a donation once every six months, but priority will be given to a group that has not benefited within the past year. A previous donation does not guarantee a donation will be offered again for a specific event or donation amount.

To apply for a donation, please fill out the online donation form in full.

5% Days

Community 5% Days are held four times a year. On the designated 5% Day, a selected non-profit organization receives 5% of the store’s net sales from proceeds for that day. Selected organizations applications will be reviewed by Whole Foods Market quarterly and voted on by team members.  The non-profit which receives the most votes will become the beneficiary of the 5% Day. Complete details and instructions on page 1 of application. To apply, please fill out the application in full and email it to  (If you are unable to edit pdfs and need a word document, you can find that here.)

Event Sponsorship

Community sponsorships applications are reviewed quarterly, and are for non-profit organizations seeking support above the investment level of our general product donations, or for organizations/businesses that are for profit. Generally, Whole Foods Market considers in-kind requests or a combination of in-kind and cash sponsorships.  Please note, these sponsorships are limited and are resereved for events which most closely align with our core values and areas of focus.  Organizations should apply 120 days in advance. Complete details and instructions on page 1 of application.  To submit your request, please complete the application in full and email it to