Community Giving from Whole Foods Market Evanston South

Single-Event Donations

Donation requests require 8 weeks' notice, and must be accompanied by a copy of your organization's 501c3 letter. An organization may receive one donation per year, but may submit multiple events. Apply for a donation by clicking here.

Examples of donated items:

  • Catering for an event
  • Ingredients for a pancake breakfast
  • Silent auction item
  • Recovery foods for a race (bananas, water, bagels)

Cash Donations

We choose 8 organizations per year as the recipients of in-store fundraisers One Dime at a Time (bag refund program) and 5% Day, where 5% of a day's net sales benefit a local non-profit. Apply for either program by filling out our Donation & Partnership Application. Please submit your completed application with 501c3 letter and W9 to