Community Giving in Columbia

Whole Foods Market is dedicated to helping nonprofit and other organizations in our stores’ local communities. Our Community Relations program supports organizations that address community issues such as hunger relief, environmental awareness, local and sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, and health and human services.

To request a donation, store tour or health fair participation, please complete the appropriate application below and return it to our customer service desk, or via email/snail mail/fax as noted on each form.

To ensure your application is reviewed, please read the information and timelines specified on each application.

Community Relations Program Applications

General Donation Application

With this form groups can apply for support in the form of gift bags, gift cards, catering trays or in-kind product donations (such as fruit, water, sodas, snacks, etc.) for community events and charity auctions. Selections for this type of donation are made monthly and are between $25 and $150 per donation. Organizations must apply at least 30 days in advance of when their donation is needed, and can only receive donations once every six months.

5% Day Application

On 5% Day, held quarterly, a selected nonprofit organization will receive five percent of the store’s net sales for that day. Interested applicants must be a registered 501(c)3 organization, commit to a significant level of promotional support for the day, and may be put on a waiting list for consideration for up to 18 months upon submission of an application. Organizations are limited to being selected as a 5% Day beneficiary once every two years.

Donate Your Dimes Application

Organizations selected for this program will benefit from customers who elect to donate their 10-cent discount for bringing reusable bags to a nonprofit organization. Applications are kept on file for one year, and an organization can only be selected as beneficiary once every two years.

Sponsorship Application

Reviewed twice per year, this application is for nonprofit organizations seeking support above the investment level of our general donations, or for for-profit organizations. Organizations must apply 120 days in advance, and can only be selected for sponsorship once per year.

Store Tour Request Form

Suitable for all ages, our tours last between 40 minutes and one hour, and are generally available Mondays through Thursdays before 11:30 am or after 6 pm. We ask for a completed request form no less than 30 days in advance, and scheduling is based on availability.