Friendly Shopper (Greensboro, NC)


Greensboro Friendly's Personal Shopper Program
FREE in-store shopping/curb-side pick-up

Have a list but no time to shop? Whether you are working late or running the kids all over town, Whole Foods Market Greensboro Friendly has you covered. Our personal shopping team will take the time to get to know you and your preferences; from local vendors to organics and special diets.

All you have to do is email your shopping list to


We have two great services to offer:

SHIPT - Personal Shopping and Grocery Delivery Services: For local grocery delivery, contact our partners over at SHIPT! With their professional staff of shoppers, they can take care of your shopping needs and have your groceries on your doorstep in no time! To inquire about this service, contact them at -

*Membership and additional fees may apply* 

Stop & Shop Service: Passing by on your way home? We’ll do your shopping for you during the day, and have your order ready for curbside pick up by 5pm.


Contact us to start your order today:

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Whole Foods Market Friendly
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