Green Mission

We're excited about our pioneering composting program.  Spoiled produce and other biodegradable waste that used to go into landfills is now being backhauled by our delivery trucks to regional facilities where it is turned into compost. Then, we donate it to community gardens or sell it in our stores, reducing our landfill waste by up to 75%.

Cork Recycling
Whole Foods Market has partnered with Cork ReHarvest in a cork recycling program so that shoppers can recycle their natural wine corks. Recycling helps to reduce demand placed on cork plantations while maintaining the delicate ecosystem of the Mediterranean forests and helps thousands of producers to maintain a sustainable income to support their families

Plastic, Glass, Cans and Paper
Our recycling bins in the seating area are set up for single stream recycling, where all the items can co-mingle. To help make the most of the recycling program, we request that containers with liquid or chunks of food be emptied into the landfill bin before recycling. Soiled  paper/paperboard is not accepted in the recycle bins and should go in landfill bin.

At Whole Foods Market we have made a commitment to reduce our impact on the environment!  Our reusable green plates and salad boxes are made of 100% compostable material, called Bulrush, and are made-locally from Be Green Packaging.  Another opportunity to make a difference!

Reusable Bags
We give you bac $.10 cents for every reusable bag brought with you and used during checkout.  Or if you forget your bags, we have a selection of reusable bags available to purchase.

No Plastic Bags
Our store only uses paper bags from 100% recycled non-bleached material.  We will recycle your plastic bags from other stores, if you like.