Grocery Case Discount at Santa Barbara

Grocery Case Discount

  1. The standard grocery case discount is 10% off purchases of full cases of grocery items.
  2. The discount is intended for items outside of our loose shelf stock, and cases must be in their original case packaging/box to receive the discount.  Exceptions may be granted by store management.
  3. The case discount also is available on full bags/boxes/pallets of bulk items 15 lbs and larger, such as produce, rice, and grain.
  4. The case discount is available on special orders.
  5. “Everyday Deal” priced items and “Specials” are not eligible for the case discount.
  6. Please be advised that this policy may be amended in the future, and Whole Foods Market reserves its right to grant exceptions to the foregoing policies in order to further its commitment to extraordinary customer service.
  7.  Please consult with a Whole Foods Market team member/employee if you have any questions concerning this policy.