Health Starts Here Program

Are you ready to make a few simple changes for lifelong health? Our Healthy Eating Specialist is here to encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating education and support. Whether you are just getting started on a healthy eating path or have been on the road to wellness for years, our four pillars of healthy eating can help guide your journey.

Four Pillars of Healthy Eating

At Whole Foods Market, we believe that focusing on these four pillars of healthy eating offers the greatest health benefits, no matter what dietary plan you follow.
  • Whole Food:

    • We believe that food in its purest state – without artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives – is the best tasting and most nutritious food available.
  • Plant-Strong:

    • No matter what type of diet you follow – including those with dairy, meat or seafood – reconfigure your plate so the majority of each meal is created from an abundance of raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, legumes and beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains.
  • Healthy Fats:

    • Get healthy fats from whole plant sources, such as nuts, seeds and avocados and work to eliminate (or minimize) extracted oils and processed fats.
  • Nutrient Dense:

    • Choose foods that are rich in micronutrients when compared to their total caloric content. Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. For guidance on this, look for Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI) scoring system in our stores.

What to Look for at Whole Foods Market Northbrook

  • Recipes

    • Look for recipes with the Health Starts Here logo located around our store! Recipes can also be found online.
  • Cooking Classes:

    • Come and learn how to cook healthy meals in our kitchen! Our Healthy Eating Specialist offers monthly cooking classes in the Lifestyle Center including classes like Know Your Greens, Pantry Basics, and Supper Club! See our Events Calendar for upcoming classes.
  • Demos

    • Learn about the Health Starts Here program and how to cook without the use of oil, dairy, or refined sugar. Stop by our Bulk Cooking Center each week to see what our Healthy Eating Specialist is cooking! Taste delicious samples and take home weekly healthy recipes! Stay connected on Facebook and @HSHNBK on Twitter for updates!
  • Recommended Books

    • Our Whole Body department offers a variety of books focused on healthy eating. Check out our Health Starts Here Recommended Book List for books that support our healthy eating education initiative.
  • Blog

    • Stay up-to-date with new cooking ideas and delicious recipes on our Health Starts Here blog. Be on the lookout for our NEW Health Starts Here Northbrook Blog brought to you by your local Healthy Eating specialist coming soon!
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