Juice & Coffee Bar @ Cap Hill

We are one of the few places in Denver where  you can get a fresh veggie juice! Choose between delicious and nutrient-rich options like the Green Goddess, Jazzy Carrot or try one of our cocktail-inspired juices!

We also have smoothies & a full coffee bar, featuring Allegro Coffee & Tea, plus Kombucha on Tap, Italian Sodas, Wheatgrass & free Wi-Fi. Sit back & relax with friends at one of our large tables or hang out at the bar and get to know our baristas.

Seasonal Juice Menu

Spicy Basil ~ jalapeno, basil, spinach & pineapple

Mojito ~ mint, apple, lime & cucumber

Green Goddess ~ lemon, spinach, arugula, celery, parsley & cucumber

Jazzy Carrot ~ ginger, apple & carrot

Waldorf Twist ~ kiwi, lemon, apple, celery, arugula & basil

Cool Breeze ~ mint, pineapple, berries, lime & spinach

Ginger Lemonade ~ lemon, ginger, apple, spinach & cucumber

Berry Blast ~ kiwi, berries & pineapple