Local Partnerships & Donations

Whole Foods Market is an active member of the Twin Cities community. We are extremely proud of our community involvement and the relationships that we continue to make each month! We strive to make a difference.


We have one application form for all three of our community giving programs found here:  Local Partnership Application


We regularly make donations of product, gift baskets & gift cards to support local charities and nonprofit organizations. Requests MUST be submitted at least six weeks using the above form before your event to be considered.

Community Support (5%) Days

On designated days throughout the year (four total) a total of 5% of the day’s net sales are donated to a designated local non-profit organization. Customers help support our selected organizations just by shopping on these 5% Days. This is a highly competitive program, and applications are accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis. 

One Dime at a Time

Whole Foods Market offers a 10 cent refund for each reusable bag you use when shopping here, and now through our One Dime at a Time Program, customers can choose to donate that bag refund to our designated charity instead. A new charity is selected every three months.