Local Producer Grant

Thank You for Supporting Local Businesses.

Our 5% Day on Wednesday, July 26th, raised $202,000.00! 


Meet Our 2017 Grant Recipients:

Arise Gluten Free Bakery

"We use nutrient rich, nourishing ingredients to create real food. While everything we bake is gluten-free, some items are also vegan, sugar-free and grain-free." - Reah Roberts, Founder.

This grant will help them purchase a new oven and update their logo and packaging.


Blabbermouth Chocolates

Get caffeinated with Blabbermouth Chocolate's premium coffee chocolate bars!

"We started in our home, coming up with an idea. It’s like, whoa! [Being a Grant recipient] is so terribly exciting! That a company of [Whole Foods'] size believes in what we are doing." - Gary Kramer, Co-Founder.


Blue Egg Farm LLC

Shopping in Lafayette or Walnut Creek? You can buy Blue Egg Farm organic fruit, herb and vegetable seedlings! 

This grant will allow them to add a full-time field hand position and help grow their business so they can support 1 or 2 more Whole Foods Market locations.


Crumb Hither Gourmet Cupcakes and Specialty Baking

Crumb Hither offers fresh, natural, home-made cupcakes, cakes and desserts. Always using the finest ingredients, best culinary techniques and lots of love to create each and every one of them.

"I would like to buy another freezer and another oven and I need to pay off my mixer." - Shannon Hoffmann, Founder & Owner.


First Light Farm

Organic veggies grown with love. Look for their certified organic kale, chard and other produce items in our Mill Valley, Novato, Petaluma and San Rafael locations.

"We will pay off our tractor and some other farming equipment." - Jesse Pizzatola, Owner.

Garden Variety Cheese

"Our sheep produce lovely, rich sweet milk that makes fabulous cheese." - Rebbecca King, Owner, about her award winning fresh and aged cheese. 

They will use the grant to upgrade their milking parlor from a bucket system to a pipeline, which will dramatically increase the speed, efficiency and quality of the milk. 

Hey Boo

Their award winning Coconut Jam is slow cooked in small batches using premium coconut milk, cane sugar and egg yolks. Not only do their products taste great, they are committed to being allergen-free, animal cruelty-free and friendly to the environment.

"We are going to use this grant for consumer education. We want people to know what Hey Boo tastes like." - Cristina Widjaja, Founder.

La Saison

Their almonds are slow roasted in 25lb batches using Non-GMO Northern California grown almonds, Cold Pressed California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt and Herbes de Provence.

"As a commodity, our almonds fluctuate in cost depending on the seasonal yield. This grant will help us to lock in prices with our farmers this season so that our costs remain the same" - Natalie Niksa, Owner.

Maison de Monaco

Their preserves are hand-made in San Francisco from traditional French recipes, using more fruit and much less sugar than other brands. "We do things in small batches, it is handmade and artisan. We have a lot of tourists that buy the product and they say that it is a taste of France" - Henri Borius, Partner.

They will use the grant to buy ingredients and supplies in bulk at lower prices. It will also allow them to launch their service line, focused on producing for restaurants. 

New Family Farm

Looking for local squash, herbs and greens? New Family Farm provides produce to 10 bay area Whole Foods locations.

"This has been the most challenging year of our lives. Everything’s been late. When Drew sent me the Local Producer Grant application, I thought this is it. It feels really special. " - Ryan Power,  Co-Founder.

Their portion of the grant will go to buying seeds and bring finacial stability after a tough spring. 

Ohana Organics

Ohana Organics is a small family, organic beauty care company, best known for their tattoo butter. Since 2000, they have grown all their own certified organic herbs and hand crafted, botanically infused skin care made with Aloha in Northern California.

They will purchase burners, freezers and hire a few more employees with the additional funds from the grant.

Outlaw Soaps

Don't go around smelling unlawful! Outlaw Soaps makes ruggedly awesome handmade, small batch soaps, lotions, lip balms and colognes.

They will use the grant to hire and promote employees, so they can focus on educating Whole Foods customers. "We get to reinvest the money into Whole Foods." - Danielle Vincent, Co-Founder and CEO.

Soap Cauldron

"We take ingredients from nature into our soap cauldron and transform them into nourishing and gentle bars to gently cleanse and pamper the skin." - Emma Mann, Owner.

They will use the grant to purchase a labeler, hopper and shrink wrap machine for bath salt production. All of which is currently done by hand. 

So Far Gluten Free Delicacies

Since 2010, So Far has been on a mission to create the highest quality, ready to eat gluten-free desserts. 

"This is our family business. We want to make this company national wide." - Vesta Grewal, Founder and Owner. So Far will use the grant to do more sampling and digital marketing.

Thank You for Supporting Local Businesses.

You helped raise $202,000.00 for 15 small, local businesses. 

We're proud to give back to small businesses that are working hard to make an impact on their local communities through their unique products. 

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Tahoe Trail Bar

Born in a coffee shop on the shores of Lake Tahoe, this bar became a local favorite because of its high-quality clean ingredients and its delicious connection to the outdoors. 

Grant funds will help them get NON-GMO certified and launch products in the Southern California market. 

Grants are presented in partnership with Working Solutions