Meet Your Farmer

BOYD FARM British Strawberries

At the age of five, John knew he wanted to be a farmer. When he took over the running of the family’s farm he focused it on fruit, relying on the New Forest’s mild winters and long sunshine to ripen his crops early.  Ask him about his fruit and he’ll quote a Michael Winner review he has framed upon his wall: ‘old-fashioned, fulsome flavour.



The early spring sunshine is captured by the sandy south facing slopes of John Chinn’s family run farm near the river Wye, where all the produce is grown and packed.

This microclimate helps to produce the earliest and sweetest asparagus in the UK and also produces rhubarb varieties selected for their unique zesty flavour and texture. All their rhubarb is grown without additional heat and is 100% residue-free. Stop in and get some of the first spring asparagus today!


DAVID GROVIER FARM Spinach, chard, and kales

David farms 270 acres of traditional mixed organic land amongst the rolling hills of mid-Devon. David’s main crops are spinach, chards (of various colours), and kales. He also grows some wonderful purple and white sprouting broccoli. The farm boasts the most fantastic biodiversity with a fabulous array of wildlife ever present on the farm.


JOHN HURD Watercress

The Hurd family have been cultivating over eight acres of land in Dorset and Wiltshire for fifty years, sixteen of which have been under organic production. John Hurd pioneered a unique settlement tank system in 1991 in order to ensure that the 3 million gallons of water used every day is cleansed properly and makes it back to the river below the farm. This helps to maintain the natural balance of the local environment.From the super-sunny Isle of Wright, Brian and his team grow the sweetest organic tomatoes. The sunlight is 20% stronger than for the rest of the UK providing perfect tomato growing conditions. This is partly due to the reflected light from the surrounding sea- but it all contributes to the best tasting tomatoes.



St John’s bread is renown for its depth of flavour. For Justin, it;s the unique ferment – nurtured for ten years – and the organic British flour that delivers the flavour punch. Bread is hand moulded and allowed 24 hours to prove at cold temperatures,  allowing the ferment its magic naturally.



Working in small batches they turn the sweetest Isle of Wright tomatoes into additive free products. The Tomato Juice and Sauce both burst with fresh flavour. Oak-Roasted tomatoes are irresistible on artisan bread, or stirred into pasta.  Or experience the intense flavour of Oven Roasted tomatoes, made from extra-sweet cocktail tomatoes.



‘Spider’ Sam DiFrancesco has beengrowing aubergines for over 20 years, nurturing the seedlings into mature pepper plants that go on to produce perfect aubergines from March through to November. Sam gained his ‘Spider’ nickname after his pioneering work in the field of biological pest-control which uses 100% natural methods as an alternative to using pesticides.



Kevin and Jill Wolfe have been growing cucumbers from modern glasshouse structures in Cambridgeshire for 30 years. Using the latest environmentally friendly combined heat and power system, they ensure each seedling is given the perfect conditions to mature into delicious green cucumbers through the summer months.

Barber’s are the oldest traditional cheddar makers in England, and has been a family business since 1833. Nowadays, Chris Barber (the 6th generation of Barbers) runs the business 15 miles from the village of Cheddar in Somerset.


BARBER’S FARMHOUSE CHEESE MAKERS 1833 Traditional Farmhouse Cheddar

Aged for a minimum of 20 months, Barber’s 1833 has a unique complexity that can only be found in cheddar made with traditional pint starter culture.

By not using modern starters, Barber’s retains the traditional ‘savoury’ Cheddar flavour that has been lost to so many other Cheddars.