Naperville's Healthy Eating Specialist

Health Starts Here is a program to help you get on track to a healthy lifestyle!

It is not a diet– it is all about reconfiguring your plate and putting an emphasis on getting back into the kitchen and reconnecting with your food. There is a focus on the Four Pillars: Whole Food, Plant Strong, Nutrient Dense and Healthy Fats. The beautiful thing about this program is it’s flexible and does not make you feel as if you are restricted or on a diet. You'll notice that one side effect it does have, is it makes you feel great! As the Healthy Eating Specialist, I am here to help you discover this program, how to cook healthy and how to find healthy items throughout the store. Dieting is a thing of the past! Come start your lifestyle change today! Please come join my cooking classes, sign up for our 28 Day Customer Challenge, make an appointment with me for a one on one consult and find me in the store during my demos. This healthy way of eating is beneficial to all types of diets—vegetarian, vegan, meat eaters…you name it!”

When you see  the Health Starts Here logo at WFM, know that your food is: 

            Free of refined grains and refined sweeteners

            Free of extracted oils and dairy

            Made with unprocessed, whole foods

            Nutrient dense

*Plant Strong™ – A focus on vegetables, fruit, beans & whole grains. This does not mean you have to cut meat or seafood out of your diet but try to add more plants!

*Whole Food – Made with unprocessed, whole foods. Eating food in its original state gives you the biggest nutrient boost!

*Healthy Fats – Free of extracted, nutrient void oils. Healthy fats include plant based fats such as avocados, nuts and seeds!

*Nutrient dense – The nutrient density of your food is determined by the amount of nutrients per calorie. Fresh fruits & vegetables are naturally low in calories and very high in nutrients, resulting in a high nutrient density!


If you have any questions, comments, or are looking for guidance in this new way of eating, email Angela at