University Station Location

For over a decade, Whole Foods Market has been a proud and active part of the Sarasota community.  We don’t take this role lightly and, indeed, look for opportunities across the region to be a leader of environmental stewardship as well as a supporter of local nonprofit organizations and initiatives that positively impact the people of the Sarasota community.

In keeping with our company’s core values, every Whole Foods Market works to serve and support their local and global communities, and create win-win partnerships with local suppliers and organizations. A few examples of Whole Foods Market’s positive impact on the environment and the Sarasota community include:

  • 115,000 lbs of food donated across Sarasota since May of 2015 through Whole Foods Market Food Donation Connection program.
  • The existing Sarasota store has recycled 35 tons of food through Whole Foods Market Food Waste Recycling program since November of 2015.
  • Over $250,000 given to local non-profit organizations and community initiatives to directly impact the community in which the store serves.

The current Whole Foods Market Sarasota store has been extremely popular so we are excited by the prospect of expanding to a new location. Having said that, we know that there have been some questions regarding the new Sarasota location.

The discussion about the location, known as University Station, is an important one.  As the county, the developer and the community work to find common ground, Whole Foods Market will wait on the outcome to determine the way forward in serving more Sarasotans.

We are pleased to see that the developer’s mitigation efforts have gone above and beyond what is required, as city, county and federal agencies have all acknowledged. Whole Foods Market has a long and proud history of building stores with the surrounding community and the planet in mind. Should the University Station site move forward, the same will be true for the new Sarasota store.

For additional information regarding the University Station site as well as answers to commonly asked questions, please click here to go directly to the developer SJ Collins site. 

Furthermore, we encourage you to send us any questions as well as any positive or negative comments you wish to share related to the new site. These notes should be directed to Customer Questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.