Upper West Side Wine Store



With the largest selection of local wines in NYC, our Upper West Side store offers delivery for any and every bottle filling this 3000 square foot destination. Visit our generously expanded wine store filled with the largest selection of eco-friendly, organic and local wines.

Delivery Info:

There is a one case minimum for green zones, two case minimum for red zones and three case minimum for blue zones. A four hour window applies to green and red zones and a six hour window applies to blue zones.  Delivery fees apply.

Wine Case Discount:

We love wine lover's so here's the deal: Buy 6 bottles and receive 10% off / Buy 12 bottles or more and receive 20% off. How's that for a deal!

UPPER WEST SIDE WINE STORE, 808 COLUMBUS AVE, NEW YORK, NY 10025 • (212) 222-6160 ext. 4