Vendor Demos at Roosevelt Square


The Whole Foods Market Mission is to empower customers to celebrate the joy of food. We encourage vendors to come into our stores to demo. We appreciate their support to Whole Foods Market and we want to ensure that every event/demo takes places smoothly and successfully.

To schedule a vendor executed and/or 3rd party demo contractor to demo in our stores, please email the buyer your sale steam works with for our storeWork out the details of the demo which includes the vendor providing a Certificate of Liability Insurance and Food Handler’s Card for the State of Washington. Without such documentation, the demo cannot be scheduled. Confirm the date, time and that sufficient product will be stocked.

While in the store, a vendor/vendor rep. or independent demo contractor must adhere to the following:

  • Upon arrival at the store, please check in with Guest Service receive your ‘Visitor’s Pass.’ You will be directed to the team whose product you are sampling to get assigned setup location.

  • S/he must adhere to all food safety and sanitation rules along with wearing proper attire for their demo, which should include: close toed shoes, apron and hair covering.

  • S/he should either bring in free product to be used for sampling or purchase from our shelves prior to the demo (as a customer would.) All support product used must be products that are from Whole Foods Market. For instance, if Boca is coming to do a burger demo, they will need to use buns from our Bakery not from another store.

  • S/he is not allowed to use any of Whole Foods Market’s equipment (i.e. tables, knives, cutting boards, bowls, linens, napkins, etc.) unless previously arranged with the department. These items are to be supplied by the individual/demo company, or the manufacturer.

  • S/he should arrive to the store fully equipped with the proper sampling supplies such as cups, napkins, plates, tablecloths, serving utensils etc. S/he should arrive on time and stay until the demo is completed.

  • S/he is not allowed to go in the back room, use Team Member facilities, unless escorted by a Whole Foods Market Team Member.

  • The demonstration table should be professionally presented with clean tablecloths, supplies, signage and a trashcan. While in our stores, the demo set-up is a direct reflection on Whole Foods Market- the table needs to align with our general feel and natural décor.

  • Please park at the back of the parking lot. If you need to unload your car first and move it to the back before your demo begins please do so.