Low-Sodium Diet

Trying to reduce your sodium intake? Many processed foods and restaurant dishes are high in sodium, and often we still feel the need to shake a little salt over our plates before we eat. Learn more low sodium.

Low Sodium Tips

If you’re looking to cut back on sodium, look for low sodium on food labels. The FDA defines a low sodium food as one that provides less than 5% of the daily value of sodium per serving.

There are many ways to build flavor in food without reaching for the salt shaker. Here are some tips:

Mix spices and herbs with fresh citrus juice, vinegar or wine. Coat food thoroughly and refrigerate for an hour before cooking.

Engage the Senses with Herbs and Spices:
Garlic adds rich, savory flavor.Aromatic herbs help build your flavor foundation.Chiles and chili powder stimulate the palate.

Add More Savory Flavors With:
Low sodium stocks and broths.Wines.Ginger and onions.

Balance it all With Brightness:
Instead of adding salt to elevate flavors, finish with a splash of vinegar, a squeeze of citrus juice or a handful of chopped herbs.

Low Sodium Recipes

Look below to find ideas for delicious low-sodium dishes.

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