14 Day Challenge: Orientation and Oil-Free Cooking


Whole Foods Market P Street and P Street Community Partners:  Flow Yoga /Vanessa King Instructor, Sweet Green and Lululemon invite you to the first annual Health Starts on P Street Challenge! The 14-Day Challenge is FREE, open to the public and guarantees SIMPLE and EASY steps that are attainable and lasting.

The Challenge includes 2 FREE yoga classes, 4 FREE healthy eating and cooking classes, 1 FREE interactive goal setting session with Lululemon Logan Circle, and 15% off at Sweet Green during the 14-Day Challenge.   Upon completion, T-shirts and opportunity to WIN $100, $75 or $50 gift Card from Whole Foods Market plus… small steps in the right direction.

Sign up today with elizabeth.johnson@wholefoods.com.



Learn about what the 14 Day Challenge, what is the intent and how to approach it.  Easy challenges can make a difference to how we view our health through food, movement and spirit. We’ll explain the expectations and share the health benefits and share the health benefits.  Learn how you can increase your chances of winning a gift card to Whole Foods Market!  The second portion of this orientation will be a Class: Oil-Free Cooking. Learn the techniques and secrets and taste the results! We will also share how you can increase your chances to win a $100, $75 or $50 Gift Card to Whole Foods Market.

Saturday, January 12, 2013 - 10:00 to 12:00
Whole Foods P Street Mezzanine Level
Free if 14 Day Challenge Participant