Charlestown Fromagerie Club: The Lighter Side of Cheese


Keep up with those resolutions, deliciously! We want to introduce you to some lower fat and calorie options, like feta and goat cheese, that add great flavor and the mouth feel of cheese, but don't carry as many calories. Too good to believe? Join us and we will prove you wrong!

February's Featured Cheeses:

Vermont Butter and Creamery Fresh Goat Cheese

Significantly lower in fat and calories than most other cheeses, goat cheese is a delicious,
versatile choice that can fit onto anyone’s plate- even when watching their
diet. Vermont Butter and Creamery’s version is not only a favorite of chefs and
customers alike, but is local to the Charlestown store. The cheese is made with fresh goats’ milk from
family farms that is naturally coagulated overnight, drained and then shaped
into logs. This cheese is distinguished by a simple, mild, fresh goats’ milk
favor and is highly versatile as an ingredient or as part of a cheeseboard.


Great uses:

  • Crumbled into salads, steamed
    veggies, flatbread or pizza
  • Mixed into quiche or soufflé
  • Stuffed in chicken breast,
    with roasted peppers

Mt. Vikos Feta

Feta is
also lower in both fat and calories than most cheese options, but you’re not
able to tell- the fresh, herbal, and somewhat sweet flavor is what shines
through. Mt. Vikos feta is made in Greece during months when grasses are green,
from a blend of sheep and goat’s milk. Their herds are
free-ranging, grazing on the hillsides, eating wild grasses, herbs,
wildflowers, and local vegetation. Since the animals are outside, there is no
reason to give them any antibiotics or hormones. Fresh milk is brought to the dairy where it is pasteurized and made
into cheese the very next day.




Great uses:·

In dips with cucumber, dill, and other Greek

Mixed into an omelet or scrambled eggs

·Grilled in an oven with red pepper flakes

Friday, January 24, 2014 - 18:00 to 19:00
Whole Foods Market Charlestown