Demo, Dinner and Behind the Scenes Look at Got Kosher?


Demo, Dinner and Behind the Scenes Look at Got Kosher?


• Alain’s witty and knowledgeable about "what's kosher anyway"  


Chef-owner Alain has been on a friendly mission to introduce “delicious Mediterranean food that happens to be kosher” since he arrived in Los Angeles from Tunisia by way of Paris – where  he grew up working in his family owned, landmark kosher restaurant, Les Ailes.   Alain is known for his award-winning Got Kosher? Pretzah Challah.


• Chef Alain Cohen demo on:



And this translates into the glorious brick-red “hot” beloved favorite of North African cuisines. Harissa is a red pepper sauce made of red chili peppers and garlic, flavoured with coriander, cumin, olive oil and tomatoes).   Don’t worry, though, Alain can tone down the classic to suit more delicate palates.


“Spicy” is so valued in Tunisian that there an old wife's tale claims a husband can judge his wife's affections by the amount of hot peppers she uses when preparing his food. 





Meal Menu Below


Take Aways


• mini pretzel challah


• a recipe for the infamous French toast


• discount on goods purchased in-house


• coupon for future use

Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 18:00 to 19:30
Whole Foods Market, 3rd & Fairfax