Dr. Ric: Detoxing Your Body/Mind for Winter

Dr. Ric Saguil is back and ready to help us prepare for cold/flu season!

All the car places say to change your oil grade, top out your windshield fluid and get snow tires. Why not prep your life for the same harsh, cold, dry season.  Nutrition is a bit confusing since many places import plant based foods from 2000 miles and it may not be the same as local harvest.  Darkness may set in; the brain may get confused about sleep/wake hours.   Emotions can be tested with holiday pressures to meet deadlines for the new year.  

Staying ahead of the challenge is always important but takes planning.  Winter hibernation is best tolerated by prepping 2 months ago. Learn some last minute changes to incorporate an Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle into your routine.  Know how to enter a holiday party and not feel like a stuffed turkey as you waddle out.  

DrRic Saguil will teach a few Integrative Medicine techniques of thinking, eating and activity so you can get to spring 2015 with very little remorse.  Bring your questions, your vitamins, your food logs and fitbit records for an open forum on health living.

 *Registration is required for this class. To register, please call 847.585.5800*


Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 14:00 to 15:00
Lifestyle Center