Healthy Pet, Happy Pet: Pet Wellness and Food Demonstration with Jodi Ziskin

Join us for a fun and informative discussion with Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant, Jodi Ziskin!

Jodi will begin with a discussion about species-appropriate diets, pet food myths, what the ingredients in many pet foods really are, how they are sourced, and more. This will be followed by a cooking demonstration  where she will explain step-by-step how to prepare homemade food for cats and dogs.

To reserve your seat, please e-mail SPTRZ-MARKETING@WHOLEFOODS.COM and reference "Pet Seminar" in the subject line.

About Jodi:

  • M.S. in Holistic Nutrition, concentration in Companion Animal Care
  • Certified Pet Nutrition Consultant
  • Nutrition Consultant for Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice (
  • Many live appearances demonstrating how to make raw and cooked food for cats and dogs including at Animalia Pet Expo, Miami Beach; Hollywood Animal              Hospital, Hollywood, Florida; Live Miami, NBC 6/Miami, and more
  • Live Pet Nutrition Educational talks given at Barker’s Pet Resort & Store, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Death Row Dogs (South Florida Charity Event); Art 4 the Animals Expo (South Florida) and more
  • Cat Health Writer,
  • Travel with Pets Editor,
  • Featured in articles appearing in Animal Wellness Magazine, Cat Fancy Magazine, Urban Animal (Australia)
Saturday, July 21, 2012 - 13:00 to 15:00
Front Seating Area