Local & DIY: Crafty Gifts with Anarchy in a Jar and MILKimchi



Demonstration and Tasting, $15  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


When it comes to holiday giving, it’s “the thought that counts,” as they say. When gifting edible things, good thoughts are nice—but how about good taste? Ditch the hockey-puck fruitcake and stale gingerbread houses. This year, impress friends and family with the help of local artisanal producers who know a thing or two about crafting delicious things with love and care. Let Anarchy in a Jar’s Laena McCarthy and Mother-in-Law Kimchi’s Lauryn Chun show you how simple and affordable it can be to create fabulously original handmade presents, along with how to prepare a few signature dishes that will change the way you use condiments forever.


On the Menu: Easy Homemade Jam; Easy Homemade Vegan Kimchi; Mussels with Kimchi Purée; Grilled “Kimcheez” Sandwich on Country Bread; Cranberry-Bacon Chutney; “Hot Fireman’s” Grilled Cheese.

Instructors: Lauryn Chun, Owner of MILKimchi and Cookbook Author (The Kimchi Cookbook, Ten Speed Press);
Laena Mira McCarthy, Owner of Anarchy in a Jar and Cookbook Author (Jam On: The Craft of Canning Fruit, Viking Studio)



Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 19:00 to 21:00
Bowery Culinary Center, 2nd floor