Street Eats for the Global Tourist


SAT. APR 6 •• 3:30 -6:30 pm

Street Eats for the Global Tourist

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When you’re hungry for a taste of authentic food culture, savvy travelers know to hit the streets. Quintessentially local, exquisitely fresh, and shockingly tasty, unadorned street food reflects what’s native—not just to a region or a city, but often to a single neighborhood! Earn your cred by mastering 5 gems of food cart cuisine, from Vietnam to Venezuela, Poland to Brazil to Italy.

MENU: Ca-PheSua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee); Lime-Chicken Arepas with Avocado Cream; Sweet and Savory Pierogies; Pao de Queijo (Cheese Buns); and Mozzarella Arancini. $55

Saturday, April 6, 2013 - 15:30 to 18:30
Whole Foods Market Charlotte, NC