5 Must-Try Fall Makeup Ideas


Check Out Our 10 Most Popular Fall Recipes

Our top 10 fall recipes have been tried, tested and declared delicious — by you! Below you’ll find cozy soups and hearty chilies, a sheet pan supper and quick baked pasta, lots of clever shortcuts and classic fall flavors, from pumpkin to butternut squash to sweet potatoes. Happy fall cooking!


Do You Know Your Braeburns from Your Galas? Apple Varieties Explained

With more than 7,000 varieties of apples cultivated worldwide, it can be confusing to figure out which apples work best with which recipes. Luckily, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite types of apples, and how to use them.

9 Ways to Eat Biodynamic All Week Long

Have you heard the buzz about biodynamic agriculture? Biodynamic farmers raise food with the big picture in mind—people, plants, animals and the environment. If you’re looking for new ways to eat in tune with nature, supporting biodynamic farms is easy…and delicious. Like organic farmers, biodynamic farmers avoid synthetic chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs. In addition, biodynamic farmers focus on specific, farm-made solutions for pest control, soil health and fertility. They strive to reduce the volume of imported materials, reduce their impact on the environment and nurture the potential of the farm’s own resources, which include water and biodiversity. Whole Foods Market® stores offer a bevy of biodynamic products—such as Yellow Barn Biodynamic Pasta Sauces and Delallo Biodynamic Whole Wheat Spaghetti—that can help you throw together a meal in minutes. In addition, here are a few of our favorite recipes with tips for incorporating biodynamic ingredients.

World Vegetarian Day: Our 10 Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes

In honor of World Vegetarian Day on October 1, we’ve pulled together this list of our 10 most popular vegetarian recipes. You’ll find many staple recipes in the list here, featuring classic techniques and go-to recipes for basics like baked tofu and roasted vegetables. We can tell our audience loves spaghetti squash and black beans, with these versatile ingredients appearing in a few different recipes in the list.

Raise A Glass to Our 5 Favorite Fall Beer Trends

Looking to try the latest beer this season? Whole Foods Market beer experts share five trends to look for in the beer aisle this fall.

Get to Know Buckwheat

The latest food trend we've got our eye on? Buckwheat, which, interestingly, is not actually wheat. Get the scoop on this seed (and flour!), and find out how to use it in your kitchen. Hint: It will rock your gluten-free world. 

Watch and Learn! How to Cook Roast Chicken, Brown Rice, and Baked Pasta

4 Ways to Build A Better Breakfast

Here are four nutritious options to start your day.

My Favorite New Recipes: Tilapia Equals Easy Weeknight Dinners


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