Whole Planet Travels to Arequipa, Peru

Grapes With Integrity

GrapesHere at Whole Foods Market, we are always driven by our Core Values, and that includes selling the highest quality products available,

Summer in February!

Stone Fruit]When we're in the dead of winter here in the U.S., Chile is at the height of their summer season and summer fruit is in full production.

Whole Trade Flowers Make a Difference

Carol Medeiros joined Whole Foods Market in 2001 at our Cherry Creek store in Denver and has been working on our produce and floral team ever since.

Let’s Talk Coffee 2008 Colombia/La Rochela Farm Visit

Darrin Daniel, Allegro Green Coffee Buyer Armenia, Colombia October 2nd thru 6th

Alaffia Cooperative in Togo

This post comes to us from Olowo-n’djo Tchala, Founder of Alaffia Sustainable Skin Care. Olowo-n’djo grew up in poverty in Togo, Africa, and has dedicated his life to empowering communities in Africa. Here, Olowo-n’djo writes about his most recent trip to Togo.

East Coast Apple Season

Josiah provided this field report from his visit to these orchards in early September.

Travelogue: Learning about Toothpaste and Cleaning Products (and blueberries) in New England

Travelogue: Allegro Coffee Buying in Peru

Christy Thorns is the lead coffee buyer for Allegro Coffee Company — experts in the coffee and tea business who have been part of the Whole Foods Market family for a quite a few years now. 7/11/08 Oro Verde co-op, Lamas, San Martin, Peru

Field Report: Coffee in Ecuador 2008

Whole Foods Market owns Allegro Coffee Company,our experts in the coffee and tea business. Darrin Daniel, Allegro's coffee buyer, blogs about coffee, Ecuador and the mysterious town of Vilcabamba where some of their citizens have lived to be 125+ years old. Day One: Visit to Espindola to meet producers


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