Surviving The Springtime Fruit Gap

There are lots of things to love about spring but it can be a period of dread in the produce business as we transition from the winter to the summer fruit harvest season. A lot can happen all at once: citrus starts to fade, we start losing variety in hard fruit (apples and pears), and the weather can play havoc on new crop domestic fruit (like berries).

Let's Not Trick Out Our Treats

Let We’re taking a poll and we want to know what you think. What is your favorite natural alternative for sweetness in baked goods?  Take our poll and see how your thoughts stack up with others.

Let's Raise Fish That Say No To Drugs

Let What concerns you most about the seafood you eat? Take our poll on seafood and see how your thoughts stack up with others. Let’s fish for the future

Let's Stop Playing With Our Food

Let What’s your top reason for choosing organic products? Take our poll on organics and see how your thoughts stack up with others.

Let's Not Mess With Mother Nature


Food In Reverse

Let’s think backwards — to take the food movement forward. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke! Every bite has a story. If you don’t know the story behind your food, are you sure you want to eat it? Whether it’s a steak or a banana, your conscious food choices make a world of difference. Watch the video and check out Let’s Retake Our Plates.

Introducing Pineapple With A Purpose

Pineapple Tags

Let's Retake Our Plates


Chilean Grape Shortage Imminent

chileangrapes1 Due to the recent earthquake in Chile's central regions, we're anticipating a significant shortage of Chilean grapes within the next 10 days. We expect the shortage to extend through early April and perhaps all the way to the first of May.

Urgent: Tell the USDA What YOU Think about GMOs in Organics

UPDATE 02/18/10: The comment period has been extended until March 3, 2010  You still have time to have your voice and opinions heard!  The easiest way to send your comments to the USDA is on the True Food Project's Take Action website. ----------------------------------------------------


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