Thanksgiving Leftovers

I think one of the best things about hosting the Thanksgiving feast is having days of leftovers! Of course, I like leftovers; some people don’t. The trick can be taking the leftover ingredients and turning them into a new dish. In this podcast, we talk with nutritionist and natural foods chef Alana Sugar about using up all of that valuable food in new and interesting ways.

Value for Thanksgiving Dinner

Soups and Chilis

Pictured above: Italian Wedding Soup with Vegan Meatballs With the change of the season, we start craving warm and nourishing soups and chili. Lucky for us, there are many ways to have a great meal like this without putting a strain on our wallets. They are great for feeding a crowd as well as freezing for a quick meal later. Listen in as nutritionist and natural foods chef Alana Sugar shares her tips for delicious soups and chili.


Preparing Pasta

One of the simplest meals to prepare is pasta. For novices as well as experienced cooks, pasta opens the door to many value-focused meals. Listen in as nutritionist and natural foods chef Alana Sugar shares her tips for enjoying pasta on a budget. Here are a few of our favorite pasta recipes. What are yours?


Value at Home — Cooking Dried Beans

Value at Home — Roast Chicken

When we asked our customers to share their favorite tips for stretching their food budget, quite a few mentioned roasting a whole chicken and turning it into several meals. So in this podcast, we asked natural foods chef and nutritionist Alana Sugar to walk us through the steps of roasting a chicken. She also suggests delicious dishes to prepare with any leftover chicken. What are your favorite dishes using leftover chicken? Here’s a nice roast chicken recipe and some options for leftovers:

Super Sandwiches

What's for dinner? When you hear that familiar strain, don’t forget that sandwiches are a tasty option. You know those sandwiches that sound like too much work for lunch? Well they are perfect for dinner. Listen in as recipe developer Cindy Cuomo shares her favorite sandwich combinations.
Check out some of our faves here and let us know what you like for a dinner sandwich.

No Cook Meal Solutions


Slow Food and Carlo Petrini Podcast

Couscous — A "Go-To" Staple


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