How To Grow Fruits, Vegetables And Herbs In A Container Garden

Not everyone has access to a lovely yard full of rich soil and abundant sunlight. For those of us in cities, container gardens — growing plants in individual pots — is often the only option. Here's what you need to know.

How to Attract Beneficial Bugs

You can purchase and release beneficial insects in your garden, but why go through the trouble and expense when they will show up on their own? All you need is the right habitat. Here's how.

How to Make Raised Beds

Even if it’s still too early to put spinach in the ground, now is a great time for building raised beds. Jack Algiere, the vegetable farm manager from Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, has these words of wisdom.

10 Smart Ways to Garden on a Budget

Wondering how to create a wow-worthy garden without barely spending a dime? Here are tips from an expert on how to scavenge, barter and borrow, and what to build-from-scratch and grow yourself.

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

Here’s how to take advantage of the late winter window to get your garden in order for an even more glorious spring.

Don’t Just Plant, Plan

Before you get caught up in a frenzy of spring planting, step back, take stock and spend a weekend charting a course for the growing season and laying the groundwork for a successful garden.

Farmer-Foodie New Year’s Resolutions

Some of our favorite farmer and foodie friends gave us a heads up at what they plan to do to improve in the new year. Here's to trying!

How To Farm In Cold Weather: Protect Your Plants

How To Grow a Winter Kitchen Garden

With a little gear and know-how, a wide variety of fresh produce can be successfully grown throughout the winter, even cilantro and chilies.

5 Herbs for Kitchen Gardens

There’s a reason why herb gardens are often called ‘kitchen’ gardens. Firstly, they can be grown right in your kitchen, indoors, any time of year! And secondly, it seems natural for cooks and gardeners to want to grow the freshest plants possible for their culinary experience. The best part is you don’t need a lot of space indoors to enjoy a thriving herb garden that adds value to your dishes.


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