Budget Booster: Trim Your Food Waste

The less you toss the more you save. Can a few minutes of focus on your fridge contents save money AND the planet?

Clearing Out for the New Year

With the holidays behind us, has the urge to purge taken hold of you? Here are some tips to clear out the old stuff responsibly.

Throw a Bash with Less Trash

Can you throw a fabulous holiday party and fulfill 2012 resolutions at the same time? Here are some use-me-now tips for keeping it greener while having a good time.

Green Your Holidays

What You Won't Find in our Cleaning Products

Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to many of the chemicals found in conventional cleaning supplies.

Sign Up for Project Green Challenge

Teens Turning Green is calling on high school and college students to take on a 30-day eco lifestyle challenge. Learn how you can change the world and win prizes.

Are Your Cleaning Products Transparent?

We think you deserve to know what’s in your household cleaning products. Don’t you? Get the dirt on full-disclosure labeling.

Red-Rated Swordfish & Tuna No More!

We’re no longer selling red-rated swordfish and tuna as of Earth Day. Find out more!

Win a Gift Basket of Cleaning Products

Do you need a spring-cleaning makeover? Learn about some great choices and add a comment by May 10th for a chance to win a slew of “green” household cleaning products!

Green Up Spring Cleaning with the Eco-Scale™

Unsure how to get the greenest clean? Choosing household cleaning products just got easier with our new Eco-Scale™ Rating System!


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