Let's Clear The Air With Each Bite

Let In your opinion, which of these is the most impactful Earth-friendly effort? Take our poll on green efforts and see how your thoughts stack up with others.

Our Earth Day Commitment

Earth Day is a big deal around here. So much so, in fact, that we celebrate the entire month of April as Earth Month! Every Earth Day, Whole Foods Market makes specific commitments to do more as a company to help our planet.

Help Is Here For Those Hard To Recycle #5’s

Preserve Gimme 5Does your local recycling take those #5 plastics? Not many do. What to do with all of those containers from yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, hummus and other plastic food storage with the dreaded #5 on the bottom? Never fear, the Preserve Gimme 5 program is here to help!

Cork ReHarvest

Cork ReHarvest Logo

Dinnerware From Fallen Leaves


Zero Waste: The Day After

GreenMission_200Thanks for all of the great feedback on our Zero Waste holiday series of blog posts. If everyone was taking the steps our readers are, we'd make a huge dent in that stat about North Americans producing 25% more waste during this time of year!

Toys with Integrity

Barbera is founder and president of ImagiPLAY. sukie_pink

Zero Waste: Gift Wrap


Zero Waste: Precycling


Zero Waste: Holiday Parties



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