While you are probably aware of the importance of eating organic foods, have you thought much about the importance of organic feminine hygiene products? Our friends at 7th Generation have. Check out what they have to say and spread the word to the women in your life. Cotton

The Hazards of Greening Your Life


Totally Novel Re-Use of Bag


Green Resolutions - Keep Them Growing!

In celebration of Earth Day 2009, we challenged our readers to make a simple green resolution, and boy did you deliver. Your overwhelming response was truly inspiring; thousands of you shared both green resolutions and tips on how to lead a cleaner, greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Your responses covered everything from biking to work to reducing water waste to composting to reusing shopping bags to teaching children and co-workers the importance of recycling. All of these simple changes added together can and will go a long way towards greening our planet.

Think Trash Last

Wheel of Waste

Conscious Consumption Trivia Game

Conscious Consumption Trivia
How green are your groceries? Take the "Conscious Consumption" Earth Month trivia quiz.

Live Blog Today!

Don't forget to join us for our live blog at 1pm CST today (Friday, April 24th). Green Mission

Walking the Walk

Wind PowerWe know that our customers hold us to a higher standard than conventional stores. If you talk the talk, then you better be walking the walk. We agree. So, in case you missed the press coverage of our company's big Earth Day announcement, here's a recap.

Keep Earth Day Going!

Earth Month

Happy Earth Day! We know we have customers, team members and vendors who are dedicated to helping our planet. Give yourself a quick pat on the back for everything you've done in the last year to green your life and business!


Make a Simple Green Resolution and Win!

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22. In celebration of our planet's big day, why not take a moment to make a simple green resolution for the coming year? Happy Earth Day 2009Here's mine: Bike to work at least once a week.


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