Putumayo Explores American Roots Music

Just in time for our country’s July 4th birthday, Putumayo is releasing two new CDs — Bluegrass and Cowboy Playground.

The Music of Rita Wilson

Bonnie Raitt on Musicians for Microcredit

Patrick Bradley's Under the Sun

We’ve recently told you about some of the really creative fundraising events happening in our stores that support Whole Planet Foundation’s® Prosperity Campaign. Here’s another one to share with you.

Putumayo's Latest: African Blues

Powerful African voices and rhythms demonstrate the deep connection of the blues to its African roots in this latest CD from Putumayo. Learn more.

Putumayo's Latest: Instrumental Dreamland

Tell us what music helps lull you to sleep for a chance to win a 6-CD set of Putumayo Kids’ award-winning Dreamland series.

Putumayo Celebrates Carnival in Rio with Brazilian Beat

This new release uncovers the roots-influenced contemporary Brazilian music scene with Samba soul, bossa grooves and tropicália rhythms. Celebrate Carnival in Rio!

Enjoy A Celtic Christmas from Putumayo

Got a favorite recording of a Christmas song? Tell us on our blog for a chance to win a collection of 5 Christmas CDs from Putumayo, including their latest, Celtic Christmas.

Putumayo’s Acoustic Café

Enjoy this latest release, filled with the stylings of contemporary singer-songwriters. Learn about the artists and how you could win an 8-CD set from Putumayo.

Putumayo’s New “Beat”

African Beat and Latin Beat highlight the exciting blends of world music with electronica, R&B and more. Tell us about your favorite collaborative music for a chance to win a 4-CD set.


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