We Aced the $20 Challenge

Don’t Miss the Eat Real Festival

If you’re lucky enough be in Northern California’s Bay Area on the 23rd through the 25th, you must visit the Eat Real Festival. You’re appetite will thank you.

1Run Fights Diabetes Through Education

Learn how we are supporting diabetic Doug Masiuk in his historic run across the U.S. to educate about healthier living and thwarting this epidemic.

Metairie Team Helps Save Starving Kitten

Customer service specialist Rachael shares how one customer found exactly what she needed at our Metairie store in Louisiana — compassion and help in saving a starving kitten.

Mom Gets Over Fear of Finger Foods!

Learn how team member and first-time Mom Christine rises to the challenge of making healthy meals that appeal to baby and Daddy. This time, she tackles finger foods.

Cooking for One: Summer Faves

Team Member Jaye shares her secrets for creating delicious summer meals for one while not heating up the kitchen.

Spring in our Stores

The first signs of spring are finally here, and we’re breathing a sigh of relief at our store in Wayland, MA. Spring means the end of snow, cold, and the gloomy pall that can overtake the winter months. Finally, we can put away our boots and scarves and get a much needed dose of sunlight. Spring also means the arrival of Easter and Passover, two holidays we get excited about at Whole Foods Market. We also start setting up our grilling and gardening displays for all of the early birds that want to get a jump on burgers and bulbs.

Road Healthy

Featured in our Artist Discovery series, Brett Dennen’s April CD release of Loverboy is creating quite a buzz. Pick up his music in stores and check out his tips for eating healthy while on the road.

Make Sure to Catch “To Catch a Dollar”

What does it mean to catch a dollar? Find out on March 31st as theaters nationwide premiere a special documentary and screen a live panel discussion, featuring Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

And The Winning Menu Is…

Throw an award-winning party on Sunday by matching your menu to show your choice for the best film of 2010. See our suggested recipes and share yours.


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