Sweet and Saucy: Fruit Salsas for Spring Fish Dishes

Learn why fruit salsas are a highly recommended addition to spring seafood meals.

7 Chef Secrets for Perfect Fish

There’s nothing mysterious about cooking fish perfectly. It’s simple, it can be healthy and you can make it even on weeknights.

6 Things You Didn't Know You Could Ask Your Fishmonger

Seafood may seem like a strange thing to be passionate about, but I grew up fishing in New England and have spent years behind the seafood counter and few more behind the scenes. I know you can buy seafood just about anywhere these days, but I want everyone to know that we go way beyond what other grocery and even other specialty stores offer. Here are six things you can (and should!) ask your fish guy or gal.

Everyday Superfood: Why You Need to Eat More Salmon

Rima Kleiner, a nationally recognized food and nutrition expert, helps us explore the everyday superfoods that deserve a spot on your plate.

My Favorite New Recipes: Tilapia Equals Easy Weeknight Dinners

How to Cook a Whole Fish

Whole fish coming up: We’ve got everything you need to know to land a delicious, luscious, hassle-free meal.

Succulent Ways to Savor Salmon

Everyone in the family loves salmon's rich flavor that is well suited to a variety of preparations. And right now is a great time to get on the salmon boat, because it’s Copper River salmon time!

Cooked Shrimp, The No-Cook Meal Solution

Lovers of cooking don’t always love turning on the oven at mealtimes, especially as summer heats up. Cooked shrimp serves as a versatile solution to feed your family while keeping the summer heat outside.

In Praise of Bay Scallops

Bay scallops are a dream in the kitchen — easy to prepare, quick to cook and sensationally succulent.

Fresh In Season: Halibut Steaks

Now’s the time to enjoy in-season halibut steaks, which lend themselves to so many cooking techniques. Grab these tips and recipes to get started.


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