Gluten-Free Outdoor Bars

Say “take a hike” to gluten and make your own snack bars just the way you like them. This recipe lets you easily substitute to your taste.

Frosted Spiced Cupcakes

Watch how easy it is to make these moist, delicious cupcakes that are gluten free, egg free and dairy free so everyone at the party can enjoy!

Gaia Herbs

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Gaia Herb Farm is one of the largest organic medicinal herb farms in the United States. Watch their story.

Watch 9.3: Wind Power

Available wind power far exceeds the world’s current energy use. A Boston inventor’s accelerator increases the potential for wind energy and its use in urban environments.

Beeline Honey by Sweet Beginnings

Just as bees play a vital role in ecosystems, Sweet Beginnings plays a vital role in the community, providing skills for people with barriers to employment. Watch their story.

9.3: Food

Despite the availability of food, millions of people are hungry. Innovators in Arizona and Hawaii are working to cultivate crops in isolated areas and harsh climates.

Let’s Cook: Hearty Ragoût

Make a rich and satisfying combination of green and beans with this hearty sauce you can serve over whole wheat pasta or as a side dish.

Upscaling Tchotchkes

In the latest episode of Urban Eco, host Amy Devers shows you how to transform a kitschy bowl into an eye-catching succulent planter.

The Gift Card that Keeps Giving, Automatically

Want to give someone you love access to healthy food all year long? See why a Whole Foods Market auto-reload gift card could be your best investment.

Traderspoint Creamery

When Jane Elder Kunz inherited her grandparents' farm, she and her husband Fritz decided to create the first organic dairy in Indiana. Take a tour in this video.


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